Feather Board Panels

Probably the sturdiest of the timber fencing panels, fitted with either concrete or timber posts. Also known as feather edge or close boarded panels.

Available in standard sizes or bespoke (made to measure).

Standard sizes come in 6ft widths and heights ranging from 1ft to 7ft

Arched top panels also available.

Diamond Trellis panels

Feather Board Panels with Standard Trellis. Trellis makes a feather board panel more decorative and allows for extra light. The trellis pictured here is square standard trellis – made to measure.

Trellis is the ideal panel for creating delicate screens or structures in your garden, allowing for climbing plants to grow through.

Available in different sizes in the following styles

  • Heavy Diamond Lattice (gaps 70mm)
  • Diamond Lattice (gaps 40mm)
  • Privacy Lattice (gaps 20mm)
  • These panels come in 6ft widths and heights ranging from 1ft to 7ft.
  • Arched top trellis also available.
  • Standard trellis can be made to measure to suit your requirements.