Sound insulation

Acoustic fencing is a specialist sound insulation system. It is commonly used as a noise barrier between residential developments and dual carriageways / railway lines. Not only does this fencing system reduce noise but it is aesthetically pleasing. In addition it looks the same on both sides. So as a result, this type of fencing is ideal in domestic settings where noise is an issue. Most importantly where both parties want the best side.

As with all acoustic / noise barriers, they work on the principal of providing as large as an acoustic shadow as possible. So to get the maximum noise reduction, barriers should therefore be as long, high and as close to the noise source or receiver as possible.

We offer two types of acoustic fencing – reflective or absorbent and heights range from 2m to 6m.

Constructed using tongue and groove boards slotted into tuning fork timber posts. For heights above 2m up to 4m galvanised, steel spurs are added for reinforcement. This solid fencing system is designed with no gaps to prevent noise and sound from coming through.

The acoustic fencing options

  • The reflective system – does exactly as it stated, reflects noise. This system is available in ‘Light barrier’ or the heavier ‘Reflective’. The latter being certified to reduce noise up to 28dB.
  • The absorptive system – this has an extra layer of absorptive material covered with a protective membrane. This is fitted to one side of the boards, which absorbs the sound waves. Normally this is used where the noise levels are in excess of the capacity of a reflective system. Certified to reduce noise up to 23dB.