Feather Board Fencing

The most commonly used type of fencing. Also known as feather board fencing or close boarded fencing. The stongest of our timber fencing range.

A post and rail system is first erected then the feather boards are nailed to the rails. The feather boards are overlapped to provide a private and secure boundary fence.

The overlap of the feather boards can be increased to provide an even stronger fence.

If you require an increased overlap, please state when obtaining your quote – as there is a small additional cost.

This type of continuous fencing is ideal for awkward locations where concrete posts and panels may not be suitable.

Manufactured on site to suit your requirements.

We concrete our posts in every 1.8m (6ft) or less*. This gives the fence extra strength and support.

*it may be slightly more where the ground conditions don’t allow it.

Grand feeling

Add a top rail and capping and make all the difference to a standard feather board fence.

Give it extra height and protection with a kick board.