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Acoustic Fencing


Acoustic fencing is commonly used to provide a noise barrier between residential developments and dual carriage ways or railway lines.


As with all acoustic / noise barriers, they work on the principal of providing as large as an acoustic shadow as possible. Meaning that for maximum noise reduction barriers should be as long, as high and as close to the noise source or receiver as possible.


We offer two types of acoustic fencing - reflective or absorbent and heights range from 2m to 6m high.


Generally constructed out of timber boards and installed on either timber or steel posts. This solid fencing system is designed with no gaps to prevent noise and sound from coming through.


Acoustic fencing types -


A noise reflective system, which does exactly as it stated - reflects noise.


An absorptive system which has a protective membrane layer to absorb sound waves. This is normally used where the noise levels are in excess of the capacity of a reflective system.

Accoustic Fencing

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